Did Not Do the Research

I understand that metal’s tendency to classify subgenres and styles to a very high resolution can make it impenetrable to outsiders. We’re over here distinguishing between five different kinds of grindcore, while there are people out there that don’t know there’s a difference between metal and punk. And that’s fine! Not everyone needs to understand everyone’s hobbies.

But this is one of the most impressive examples of getting it wrong that I am aware of.

(Large picture below the cut.)

I took this photo on a Ryanair flight a few weeks ago. This ad was in the inflight magaznie. Though this probably falls under the domain of advertisement copywriting rather than journalism, it’s still incredible how inaccurately this describes its subject matter.

Pretty much none of the terms used match up with each other, though one could maybe make a case that death rock is kind of a goth thing. Are we talking about that, or is it hardcore, or is it heavy-metal? (Nice hyphen.) Who knows? What’s the difference?

I’m going to guess that none of the bands on the roster for Inferno are really death rock or gothic bands. and of the ones mentioned here only Hatebreed are really hardcore.

A part of my hopes it was written by someone fully in the know who just wanted to wind up people like me who get pedantic about these things.

On the upside though, I learned as a result of this photo that Töxik Death are a raw thrash/black outfit from Norway (shockingly), Airbag are a pretty good prog rock band in the vein of Pink Floyd, and Ireland’s black metal scene has produced another great band in From the Bogs of Aughiska, who play this black metal/dark ambient crossover stuff that is making right now be such an exciting time to be a black metal fan.

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