“I’m currently between streaming services…”

A few weeks ago, a Barclays ATM decided to eat my Irish bank card. While this was a little inconvenient, I had some cash to hand and was able to get by for the next few weeks. The chief hiccup was that my monthly Spotify payment was due the following day – and living in the UK but paying for Spotify with an Irish account meant I couldn’t get a replacement card in time to pay that month’s fee.

I didn’t see this as the end of the world – Spotify offers both a free and a premium payment service, so when the payment didn’t get to go through, I just got demoted to regular Spotify.

Unfortunately, as I primarily use Spotify’s mobile app when I’m walking to college or travelling somewhere, I learned that free Spotify is the worst thing.

I’ve given out about this before elsewhere, but here’s a quick rundown of the problems with free Spotify:

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