Writings about music from a Dublin-based composer.


This blog is concerned with music, and writings about music, in the many various forms that they may take. I’m a young composer living in Dublin, Ireland, and this project is not only intended to give me a chance to write about subjects that interest me and promote my own music and the music of other Irish composers, but also to allow me to learn more- both from the research that goes into this kind of writing and from the feedback from readers.

My musical interests are broad. I listen to a diverse range of artists and genres; baroque music, jazz, and progressive metal all have a place here, as does nearly everything in between. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m an expert in all of them, nor am I claiming to have an exhaustive knowledge of every genre- rather I’m open minded about what I listen to, and I’m always happy to learn more.

I hope this is reflected in my own work too. I play a few instruments to various standards, and I am always happy to try out different style (time and technical ability permitting). The music I compose is diverse, drawing on a whole range of influences both within and without art music, and I am also involved in writing and performing popular music.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to respond to anything you think is interesting, funny, or downright incorrect.



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