Report: Tower of Power – Direct

In which foolishness turns into a blog post. Never let it be said I don’t follow jokes to the bitter end.

So a text conversation I had yesterday  went something like this:

[General chit chat about the holidays, games, the vomiting bug, El Sistema Scotland, and then:]
Me: I just got a CD there in a second hand shop – tower of power direct, an audiophile recording from the seventies from a label set up specifically to make high quality live studio recordings of bands.
Peter: Holy crap. I want a full report on my desk in the morning.

And so we have:

Report: Tower of Power Direct

Background: Seminal funk band Tower of Power recorded this album for the Sheffield Lab record label, a company specialising in live studio recordings, recorded directly to disc without post-production or editing. Sheffield Lab’s aim was to provide high-quality audiophile standard recordings that captured the feel of live performance with the quality of studio sessions. Continue reading