Kirkos: Rite

I am terribly terribly excited to announce the Kirkos: Rite event!

To celebrate the centenary of Stravinsky’s seminal ballet The Rite of Spring, Kirkos have enlisted 14 of Ireland’s leading professional and student composers. Each one of these titans of modern Irish music has reimagined a section of the Rite for string trio.

The project will be launched in the Odessa Club on the 29th of May; more details will  be announced over the next two weeks but for now, the Dylanesque stylings of Robert Coleman will say it better than I ever could:

December News

Thing the first: I’ve just launched my soundcloud, with two tracks on it at the time of writing and more to be published shortly.

Thing the second: Kirkos concert tomorrow in the Academy, featuring the music of such Kirkos stalwarts as Sebastian Adams, Robert Coleman, Edgar Grunewald and myself; as well as Kirkos newcomers from Trinity College, including my good buddy Galen MacCaba. There will be a total of SIX pieces premiered at this event, including my semi-improvisational Tight Also. If you can’t make it to the performance, or simply can’t wait that long, a recording is available on my soundcloud. Don’t worry about spoilers – the piece is slightly different in each performance! As this is a Kirkos concert, there is also free wine.