Gig Review – Deathcrusher Tour, October 26th, Vicar St

It’s rare that such a good lineup comes to Dublin. I’ve written about Carcass before and without wanting to sound overly dramatic or clichéd, I would not be here without them. Hearing Symphonies of Sickness when I was fifteen years old was my introduction to extreme metal, and it’s been such a huge influence on my musical tastes.

Doors for this gig opened before six, which is a sure sign that there is a long night ahead.

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10 Facts for Bob Geldof

GB on tour!

Dear Sir Bob,

Thanks so much for doing the Ebola fundraising thing. We hope you raise lots and lots of money. The only thing is, there is a world outside your window Sir, but it might not be quite how you imagine it. We thought you might like to refer to our handy list of facts and figures to help you along when you do the Live Aid 30 re-edit.

Do they know it’s Christmas? – Lovely sentiment, great tune, huge money raiser, but ever so slightly bonkers!

Lets take a look at the facts:

1. There is water flowing in Africa, really quite a lot of it in fact.

“Where the only water flowing Is the bitter sting of tears”

What? What about the world’s longest river? The river Nile is over 4000 miles long.

(The 5 biggest rivers in Africa are: Nile, Congo, Zambizi, Niger, Orange river)


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Dancing About Architecture

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture — it’s a really stupid thing to want to do.”

– Variously attributed; extremely quotable; and utterly, utterly wrong.

In this blog I intend to talk about music; this will cover all aspects of music that interests me, across the popular and classical genres, and with topics ranging from simple reviews and opinion pieces to more academic writing. Of course, I’m a composer, and so I’ll also be using this blog to promote my own music and Irish contemporary music generally.

To get the ball rolling and get some content up on the site, over the coming weeks I’ll be uploading some college essays on topics I find interesting as well as fresh material. I hope that this will be of some interest to readers, and don’t hesitate to leave comments; I see this as another way to learn about music just as much as a platform for me to talk about my own interests.

Bill McGrath is a Dublin-based composer, currently undertaking a BA Composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music under Kevin O’Connell and Jonathan Nangle.