List of Works


The following is a mostly-complete list of my compositions and performances to date. Links to recordings and videos are provided where available.

Horn Trio (2009)
Recorded in workshop by the Clarion Horn Trio.
Premiered by Kirkos Ensemble, Royal Irish Academy of Music, April 2013.

Seven Breaths (violin and cello, 2010)
Premiered by Cora-Venus Lunny and Kate Ellis, National Concert Hall, February 2010.

Trench (solo guitar, 2010)
Premiered by Philip Lawson, National Concert Hall, March 2010.

Chattering (electroacoustic, 2011)
Soundcloud link.
Presented with visuals by Alexis-Francois Morand in the National Concert Hall, June 2011 and July 2012.

Prelude and Fugue for String Quartet (2011)
Recorded in workshop by the Con Tempo String Quartet.
Premiered by Kirkos Ensemble, April 2012.
Subsequently performed by Benz Quartet, West Cork Chamber Music Festival, June 2012, and Kirkos Ensemble, Hilltown New Music Festival, July 2012.

November 2011 (clarinet and vibraphone, 2011)
Recorded in workshop by Leonie Bluett and Maeve O’Hara.

Sketches for Air and Dance (violin and cello, 2012)
Recorded in workshop.

Horn Concerto (solo horn and orchestra, 2012)
First movement recorded in workshop by Eneko O’Carroll and RIAM Symphony Orchestra

Tight Also (clarinet, accordion, and percussion, 2012)
Recorded in workshop by Paul Roe, Dermot Dunne and Richard O’Donnell.
Premiered by Kirkos Ensemble, Royal Irish Academy of Music, December 2012.
Subsequently performed by Chimera Ensemble, University of York, December 2013.

The Swirl, the Broken Breeze (SATB chamber choir, 2012)

 Saxophone and Piano Sonata (partial, 2012)
First and third movements performed by Nick Roth and Izumi Kimura, National Concert Hall, October 2012

On “Games of the Rival Tribes” (string trio, 2013)
Premiered by Kirkos Ensemble, Odessa Club Dublin, May 2013.

Two Movements for String Quartet (2014)
Recorded in workshop by Quatuor Diotima, February 2014.

Leo Ludit (toy piano, 2014)

Septet (flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, French horn, scordatura violin and double bass, 2014)
Premiered by Chimera Ensemble, The University of York, June 2014.

Xenoglossia (demiclarinet, 2014)

Dances in Circadian Rhythm (orchestra, 2014)

Saothar Molta (youth orchestra, 2015)
Composed for Carlow Youth Orchestra, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Carlow College of Music.
Premiered in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre, Carlow, 30th May 2015.
Made possible due to generous funding from ArtLinks.

The Shepherds Sing (clarinet, French horn, soprano, organ, violin, cello)
Premiered by Kirkos Ensemble, Trinity Chapel, Dublin, December 22nd 2015.


Polystylism in Metal and Hardcore, 2015, Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, Wrocław.

The Othering of Botswanan Metal, 2015, Aalto University, Helsinki.


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