Gig Review – Deathcrusher Tour, October 26th, Vicar St

It’s rare that such a good lineup comes to Dublin. I’ve written about Carcass before and without wanting to sound overly dramatic or clichéd, I would not be here without them. Hearing Symphonies of Sickness when I was fifteen years old was my introduction to extreme metal, and it’s been such a huge influence on my musical tastes.

Doors for this gig opened before six, which is a sure sign that there is a long night ahead.

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Bloodstock Report Part Three: Sunday

Getting up to see the first band on the last morning is something of a tradition for Conor and me, and a charming sludge group from Guernsey by the name of Byzanthian Neckbeard fulfilled that role this year.

16-year-old blues guitarist Aaron Keylock was a strange inclusion in this year’s lineup, but personally a very welcome one. After a few days of listening to metal, to hear a performer that really explores the range of sounds available on their instrument – as Aaron does – was refreshing. This kind of blues guitar is a genre I find difficult to engage with but Aaron’s impressive chops and use of timbral variation kept me interested. His band seem to be as young as he is, and though his banter as a frontman is a little clichéd, that can probably be put down to his youth rather than a lack of ability or charm.

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