Gig Review: Red Fang, The Shrine, and Lord Dying, March 18th, Manchester Sound Control

So this was my second-ever trip to Manchester (details of the first found here), and disappointingly it still wasn’t the early nineties when I got there. Get it together, Manchester! I did manage to get in some tourist sights this time around, including the pretty cool Museum of Science and Industry and the Brew Dog bar on Quay Street.

Sound Control is a nice venue just beside Oxford Road train station. I arrived a little early, and took my place in the queue with the expected assortment of aged metalheads and younger, hipper fans – Red Fang being a band with a sizable following among fans who aren’t otherwise interested in metal (their last album was described, a little uncharitably, by Terrorizer as a “my first stoner metal album”).

A couple of amateur musicologists behind me in the line kept me entertained with their analyses of… something, I didn’t quite catch what:

Pretty much every song has semitones, but like, the dissonant kind?


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