Artifexian Podcast

I have exciting music things to report and relay.


If you like anything science-y, or related to speculative fiction, or have any interest in the lives of two handsome, beardy, young Irishmen, do check out this link.

Artifexian is a YouTube channel launched just over a year ago by my good buddy Edgar. He’s setting out to create an in-depth scientifically accurate fictional setting from scratch, and to take his viewers on the journey of learning and discovery along the way.

The new Artifexian website was launched to coincide with the Artifexian podcast going live. On the podcast Edgar and I discuss science, fiction, our lives, and anything else that we can tie into worldbuilding. And the world contains a lot of things, so we won’t lack for topics.

We’d love it if you checked it out.

Come back in a few days for a genuine bona-fide music post.